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Join us at the Decathlon Sports Camp and be part of this year’s greatest new summer camp addition for 2022! Compete in a variety of sports, games and activities that will have you interacting with cultures from around the world! Decathlon Sports Camp will play a variety of sports such as Spike ball, volleyball, Mini Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, badminton, Touch Tennis, pickleball, swimming, flag football, capture the flag, flag rugby, ping pong, soccer, track, baseball, basketball, archery tag, cricket… and much more. Channel your inner athlete and try different sports and games that will get you active!

Kids come to camp with faces painted, wearing the colours of their national team, and waving flags to show their team spirit! At the end of the week the top three teams will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.


Following the Olympic system of A.S.P.I.R. (Attitude, Sportsmanship, Pride, Individual responsibility, Respect, Express yourself), we will aim to educate young Canadians on the values, spirit, and philosophy of the Olympic Movement.


Experienced staff/coaches will maintain an encouraging environment. Our Staff LOVE sports and have a contagious enthusiasm that infects every kid. This passion for sports results in every camper feeling the passion and the excitement that they feel. This helps with the build-up to the Decathlon Games that mirrors the Olympic Games!

Decathlon Ottawa in participation with National Kids Camps has provided the necessary equiment needed to make this camp outstanding! We will even have two stationary bikes with screens, where the campers could compete on rainy days just as they do in the Decathlon stores!

Location: TBA (very shortly- good idea to buy a gift card during BLACK FRIDAY for this camp)






Free Pre/Post Care ( 8:00-9:00am & 4:00-5:30pm)



Schedule and Camp

Decathlon Sports Camp
Sports Camp for Kids ages 6-13
June 27 - June 30
4 day Quebec
July 04 - July 08
July 11 - July 15
July 18 - July 22
July 25 - July 29
August 02 - August 05
August 08 - August 12
August 15 - August 19
August 22 - August 26
August 29 - September 02