Membership - Adult Over 18 Years of Age $385.00 Click Here
Membership - Family Parent(s) and their children, who are either under 18 years of age or full-time students, all residing at the same municipal address $770.00 Click Here
Membership - Couple 2 Adults living at same municipal address; may include 1 Parent & 1 Student or Junior $580.00 Click Here
Membership - Student Over 18 Years of Age and enrolled in school full-time $240.00 Click Here
Membership - Junior Under 18 Years of Age
Note: If you are registering for your children, only, an adult parent must first register themselves as a Non-Member and then add all children later in the registration process. Full season rate was $240.00 EB $210
$240.00 Click Here
Membership - NON Non-Member Adults who will be registering themselves and/or their children in programs $0.00 Click Here